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Creating State Model Curriculum for 9-12 grades telling the native story of over 300 California native tribes.

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Passed Unanimously in the House and Senate:

Creating model curriculum that tells the story of 300 California local native tribes through the Instructional Quality Commission, a sub-committee of the State Board of Education.

Each of these tribes has their own story to tell.

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There are 111 federally recognized native tribes in California and more than two hundred state recognized tribes maintained through the California Native Heritage Commission. This provides the framework to build model curriculum that tells the individual story of each of the 300 California native tribes to be taught in local schools grades 9-12. Help us provide the tribal story that has been passed down in oral tradition that reflects the tribes own history.

Through adopted legislation:

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California Native Curriculum Foundation


This Bill:

Through tribal consultation as an optional course of study for grades 9-12, we are able to provide a deeper level of native culture and history specifically focused on the life and history of local native tribes as told by native people. 

What does this mean for each school?

Guidelines to be developed on a regional and school specific basis that tells the story as self-identified by the local tribe(s). First developing district, regional, and finally the California native story in a teaching approach personalized to 9th-12th graders.

Beyond the Gaming

Gaming is really the economic engine that funds everything else from government operations, for youth programs to work, and with a generally small land-base and lacking natural resources, focusing on the future through education is key to tribal success for future generations without forgetting the past. 

100% graduation rate and college opportunities for every student who wishes to develop their education at the collegiate and doctoral levels creating a paradigm shift in future success of the tribe.

Native Model Curriculum

Providing academic help.

Future meetings for tribal consultation to accurately tell the story reflecting the tribes oral history.

Outline tribal story elements.

Creating a regional stories and finally a California State narrative that adds to the collective understanding of tribal culture, language, and history.

Correcting Native History

"My child did the California Mission curriculum and I didn't agree with it."

Needed institutional healing through accurate, fact-based model educational curriculum.

State recognized Tribes stories.

State recognized tribal list is maintained through the California Native Heritage Commission. Getting peer-reviewed sourcing of oral history is critical.

Providing Academic sources

It's all about the students and helping local students understand local tribes and their history.

Your tribal story told your way.

For Santa Ynez Chumash, our story is about Maria Solares and how she saved our language after the last fluent speaking elder had passed.

California Native Curriculum Foundation

Telling your story

Creating an Outline

Defining the Narrative Elements

Academic Assistance and Travel Scholarships

Timeline and Objectives

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